Directing resume

Last updated January 2023

Pariah, or the Outcast (Scheduled for February 2023), Clever Enough
Hamlet, Clever Enough
That Little Candle (Director and writer), PDX Playwrights
The Judge’s Wife, Clever Enough
What You Need (Director and writer), PDX Playwrights
Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen, Clever Enough
Homesick Symphony, PDX Playwrights
Ghosts, Readers Theater of Gresham
Hamlet, Clever Enough
Why Them?, (Director and writer) PDX Playwrights
Rhinoceros, Clever Enough

Bachelor of Arts, Theater Arts, with a minor in Women’s Studies, Portland State University
PSU classes included Directing, Script Analysis, Costume Design and a year of tech theater.
Directing Workshop with Rose Riordan, Portland Center Stage
Audition Workshop with Rose Riordan, Portland Center Stage
Multiple Acts with Matthew B. Zrebski (playwriting class), Portland Center Stage
Shakespeare the Dramatist course with Jean Elliott, London
AA Degree, Theater Arts, Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC)
LAVC classes included a directing class, tech theater and make up
Portland Center Stage class: Scansion: Breaking Down Shakespeare’s Words with Lauren Hanover
Intro to Voiceover class with Aaron Campbell
Completion of Udemy course “Everything Shakespeare, The Basics”
Voice lessons, Happy Valley Arts Academy
Private scene study with Karen Kalensky, North Hollywood
Completion of Dr. David Alan Stern’s lessons in the following accents: Irish, Yiddish, New York City, Scottish


Founder of Clever Enough

*Intermediate in guitar, piano and tin whistle.
Beginner in harmonica. Intermediate in contact juggling