“Asbell rehabilitates [the role of Ophelia] one nuance at a time. Her mastery manifests…in delicate details…”
–Willamette Week, review of Hamlet

“Valerie Asbell’s [strong performance of] ‘Annie Sullivan’ is a complex mixture of self-doubt and obstinacy – tough, yet vulnerable and, like Helen, seeking connection.”
–Westside Theatre Reviews, review of The Miracle Worker

“Asbell, [as Annie Sullivan], is amazing…One feels strongly for Annie as she, too, has been through hell and Asbell rides this emotional roller-coaster perfectly.A side note…“[Valerie Asbell] is a fine director… having produced two of the most difficult plays of all time, Rhinoceros and Hamlet and both very well done!  Her [theater company called Clever Enough] is worth checking out to see what’s next for them.”
Dennis Sparks, review of The Miracle Worker